The Alpine CSCL Rendez-vous 2007, January 21-26th, is an initiative of the Kaleidocope CSCL SIG to launch a sustainable series of scientific meetings. The Rendez-vous is not a conference, but a set of autonomous events organized at the same place at the same time: the rendez-vous of our community.

Workshop will share breaks (coffee, ski or meals). The program includes 8 workshops, 4 on each side of the week. At the middle of the week (Tuesday 18:30 till Wednesday 19:00) will be the Rendez-Vous day: a set of activities for the CSCL community organized by Kaleidoscope CSCL SIG. Each workshop includes a break from 12:30 till 16:30 during which participants may enjoy the ski resort, relax in the pool or whatever. The weather forecast for that these dates is excellent.

The workshop will occur in Switzerland, in Villars (www.villars.ch), a village located at 90 km from Geneva airport (about 2 h by train). The closest main city, Lausanne, has excellent train connections with Paris, Lyon, Torino or Germany. The Geneva airport (www.gva.ch) has many worldwide connections including several low-cost companies operating over Europe. The hotel includes an indoor pool, fitness and sauna and is close to the cable car, ice skating, etc. This is the hotel web site.

  1. Pierre Dillenbourg (EPFL) & Frank Fischer (KMRC) for KALEIDOSCOPE CSCL SIG.
  2. For CSCL SIG information: j.zottmann@iwm-kmrc.de
  3. Local organization: Florence Colomb (CRAFT - EPFL)